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Nested Time is Arthur's astrological autobiography

My purpose in writing this autobiography is to present astrology in its full significance as a cosmology which not only includes the self, but in a deeper sense is the self.  It was astrology that provided me with the fundamental insights upon which I based my books, The Geometry of Meaning and The Reflexive Universe; namely, in the former, the fourness upon which all analysis is based, and in the latter the descriptions of the seven stages of process as provided by the astrological characteristics of the planets.

When I wrote these books, I did not acknowledgement my debt to astrology, largely because this subject is given no credence by science. But after I had finished the Theory of Process, which satisfied my love of order, something remained. There were unanswered questions arising from what I call the facts of astrology; i.e., the dates of important events coincide with the timing of transits and progressions with a statistical precision surpassing the standards which are the basis for our acceptance of the most “scientific” findings.

In the years since these books were published, I have attempted to correlate the entire content of my life experience with astrological indices. I learned that events widely separated in time, but of similar nature, were often marked by the same astrological phenomena. Chance meetings and other coincidences could be accounted for as the unfolding of a unique astrological “program’" that was predicted at the time of my birth, and its convergence with the equally unique programs of other people who were significant in my life.

Through applying the study of astrology in my own life, I discovered a window on the mysteries of the universe—on the nature of time and being—beyond the scope of current scientific orthodoxy. To challenge the views of Big Science, one need not put up one’s own Hubble Telescope or build a billion dollar supercollider. All one has to do is buy an Ephemeris for about twenty dollars, and a Table of Houses for a bit less, and work on one’s own astrological charts.

Arthur M. Young
Berkeley, California

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