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Dear Sabrina,

My family and I just celebrated my 18th birthday.  Mom and Dad gave me a personalized Sterling Silver Sapphire Medallion. They told me you are the creator of this gorgeous jewelry! I just wanted you to know I adore my present. I love wearing silver, and the sapphires which symbolize my planets match my eyes. Needless to say, the diamond center is the mecca! I also love the fact that I can put this medallion on different chains. I love the marcasite and sapphire chain that came with the medallion, but now I also wear it with my silver chain or a black felt ribbon. This means I can wear my birthday gift everyday no matter what I wear!.

Thanks for doing this work. Mom has a gold medallion of her chart. I have been wanting one of my own for a long time.

Anne-Mary S., Los Angeles

Telephone VM

I wanted to let you know that I got the package last night. It was waiting for me at the Post Office. The Gemscope Mini Medalion is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much. I love it, love it love it!  And, thank you for including the Gemstone Beaded Necklace with it. It's all more beautiful than I even thought it would be. So, thank you. I have been wearing my [jewelry] all day, and I just love it.

Karen F., New England Regional Manager, L'Occitane 

Dear Sabrina,

I am writing to thank you for the beautiful one-of-a-kind Gemscope gold charm you designed for my daughter for her 21st birthday. I found your jewelry at Henri Bendel in April. Alix received many gifts that day, but she declared this one [14K gold Standard Medallion] her favorite. It meant more to her than any other, as it was designed just for her.

Your concept of taking her personal information--her time, date and place of birth--and charting it with the planets in the Solar system is a novel one, and one that has given Alix her own special place in the world, since she has always been in our hearts. She sat for hours reading your accompanying document detailing who she is, as charted by the universe. She slid the charm onto a leather rawhide and tied it around her neck making it a part of her.

Thanks for such a special momento.

Lisa J., Laurel Hollow, NY


Back in 1988 or '89 I read about very small and delicate Gemscope necklaces with semiprecious stones set on a thin gold chain. I had charts done for several of my friends as baby presents and I got a Gemscope necklace for myself. It was one of my favorite pieces of casual jewelry.

My home on the west coast of Florida was blown away 18 months ago. At the time the check for my homeowner’s policy was in the mail and never received, and after quite a bit of arguing I turned up uninsured. The worst part of all this despite being financially devastated was the loss of so many personal, irreplaceable precious items, including that necklace. I would love to have another one made, as well as one for my daughter ....

Arlene R., North Miami, FL

Hello Sabrina,

My partner worked with a young teacher here in the Los Angeles area, and through her learned of you and ordered my Gemscope Medallion....  I LOVE it and cannot tell you how many compliments I have received, and how many times I have passed along your number and email address!

Now my partner's birthday is this August, and I would like to order a Gemscope for her. Can you please help me to understand how to proceed?

Her birthday is the 10th, so I hope I am in time!

Melissa, Pasadena 

Hi, Sabrina,

I received the package today...thank you sooo much!  The gemscope is beautiful and the horoscope summary that you did was exactly her!  [Name withheld] is a very outgoing, successful, friendly senior vice president of a male dominated aerospace corporation.  She will definitely love the Gemscope, the  horoscope reading--and your background with Arthur M. Young. 

Thank so much, Sabrina...you were awesome to work with and I REALLY appreciate it!

Mary H., Pasadena

I received the grandest and most generous gift.

I always thought astrology one of the most interesting of the ancient sciences.  The gift I received was a stunningly beautiful gold and bejeweled pendant of my horoscope with diamonds for my planets. Now that is a gift to cherish, and given by a most glorious friend! 

The pendant is beautiful and so personal, like a quiet snapshot of who I am as a soul…. Sabrina Loomis, the designer, is an artist of high caliber, and obviously a gifted astrologer."

Leigh Taylor Young, Los Angeles

Dear Sabrina,                                                             
Let me take this moment to sincerely thank you for the two beautiful Prism Necklaces that I purchased from you, one for my daughter and, of course, one for myself. When I first saw the necklace I knew it was an item I needed to own. After I inquired about its background and had  the revelation that each piece is unique, because it is based on the planetary lineup at one's birth, I had an immediate desire for one. It expressed personal energy, graced with one's individuality and gave a sense of divine protection.

While I knew the Prism would be a worthy investment for myself, the wheels started turning as my daughter's 30th birthday was approaching. Then the thought of what to give for such a significant milestone was put to rest. I had found the ultimate gift, symbolic of our mother-daughter relationship.

Your workmanship is exquisite with your stones radiating such beauty and personality. The gift was mailed to my daughter and opened on April 27th, her birthday. She was awestruck and pretty much speechless. We have both come to embrace our Prism Necklaces as further confirmation of our spiritual and earthly connection. We thank you.

Janet G., Mt. Kisco, NY

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