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Still hoping for a miracle, or do you EXPECT one?
You can expect this: A DRAMATIC RISE IN YOUR INCOME with Gemscope.
The ASTRO TALISMAN MEDALLION is your fail-safe roadmap to ABUNDANCE AND WELL-BEING. Imagine that the Medallions above are waiting to be set with gems symbolizing your planets as they were arrayed overhead, at your time, date and place of birth.

Gemscope combines ASTROLOGY'S POWERFUL TRUTHS with the MYSTICAL POWER of GEMS for an unparalleled experience of beauty and self-empowerment.  
INDIVIDUALLY CRAFTED ASTRO TALISMAN MEDALLIONS come in any gold color you want --Yellow, White, Pink, or Green.  You can select 14K or 18K gold.  Or combine GOLD with STERLING SILVER.  The best option was inspired by knowing investors, who believe gold is on an historic UPWARD SURGE, in spite of current fluctuations. They see it reaching $5,000 an ounce and even beyond. Respected financiers regularly increase their holdings in gold.

Gemscope urges you to request the signature ASTRO TALISMAN MEDALLION in 22K, and even 24K GOLD for jewelry that compares to the American Gold Eagle, in other words PURE GOLD BULLION.
However, your GOLD ASTRO TALISMAN MEDALLION puts you in a far superior place than a gold bullion coin would. Why? Because you will possess ...
You may agree that is even more important....

By symbolizing your own special place in the Universe, the Gemscope

This is due to the ageless wisdom of your astrological birth chart, the mystic
al power of gemstones and universal Principle of Attraction: "Like unto itself is drawn." 

Shimmering with diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire and semiprecious gems, each Gemscope is custom-made after the personal Astrological Birth Chart that is calculated for the time, date and place of birth. When you begin wearing yours, we predict that it will captivate your friends and family who will want to know who makes it and how they can obtain one for themselves.

Now by RELAYING THE ORDERS OF FAMILY, FRIENDS and ASSOCIATES to us, GEMSCOPE WILL PAY YOU GENEROUS SALES COMMISSIONS. This simple process is guaranteed to raise your income as soon as you possess this beautiful, unique jewelry. See Selling Gemscopes.
All Astro Talisman Medallions are studded with the FINEST COLORED STONES AND DIAMOND. 
The 14K Pink Gold and Sterling Silver Medallion Populaire is beloved by customers of all ages.
The all-Sterling Silver Youth Medallion costs less than an iPad!
Our Gem and Gold Bead necklaces in Light-Hearted Fine Jewelry show off the Medallions.
All Gemscope Talisman Jewelry comes In a handsome jewelry box and with
a product tag showing gemstone and planetary correspondences.

CORPORATE RETAILERS HAVE PRAISED GEMSCOPE. It has sold at the former Plaza Hotel and Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue, and through select gift and boutique stores nationwide. About Us shows the Press has been kind with The Robb Report, WWD and Bridal Guide all featuring us.  Stuart Moore, Ltd., showcased the Pleiades Necklace in his Soho store.
Gemscope as seen in Jerry Grant's ...  A Joy Forever, Gramercy Park, New York
Owning a GEMSCOPE ASTRO TALISMAN MEDALLION lets you know it's no longer little you against the cold, impersonal universe. Created by a professional astrologer, the MEDALLION PUTS YOU IN THE FRONT SEAT next to the CREATOR FOCUS OF THE GALAXY  Unbelievable? Yes? But true! You have only to read our customers Testimonials to see how much your life can change for the better with a Gemscope talisman.
The Astro Talisman Medallion comes with an original, personalized and FREE Astrological Chart Report created  by Sabrina Loomis.

Considering your unique astrological makeup, it explains:

1. How to create positive outcomes in all areas of your life by choosing what you love most and feels the best ....

2. How to prevail in turbulent times by turning uncertainty into opportunity....

3. How to attract abundance and happiness, while helping others do the same.

Come join us on a voyage of self-discovery and personal enrichment never offered before, and add more to your income than you ever thought possible....


Order your ASTRO TALISMAN MEDALLION and prepare for a Bonanza. You'll be smiling all the way to the bank.
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