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The Ancients used the stars to steer their ships, measure distances and study character and destiny. They believed in a connection between themselves and the planets that differ from stars in their unwavering light.

Today prompted by flaws in Darwinian Materialism, we return to ancient wisdom for its enduring truth and guidance. Astrology steps out from the mists of superstition to reclaim a worthy place in our lives, since it deals with life processes and cycles of action. Based on angle and time, it gives us a "geometry of meaning."

Arthur Young, the inventor of the Bell 47 "M*A*S*H*"helicopter sees astrology as the grandfather of classical physics, because it contributed a 3rd derivative to the measure formulae. Following velocity and acceleration, this is control, and Capricorn embodies it. Control is change in rate of acceleration obtained by multiplying by time, T, an additional time after the operation for acceleration. See

Control puts a driver in the car, you, who are braking, steering and so on for a purpose: to get somewhere, say, your mother's house. Here a projective element enters the picture. Returning to a position -- in the formula "L"-- you round a circle. Velocity and acceleration have their usual places, but astrology goes further to describe a complete cycle of action.

Cycles of action are purpose-driven.  And everything "lives, moves and has being" through cycles of action.  These
cycles characterize human lives, as
well as huge galactic processes. 
Another teacher holds that astrology fathered astronomy, and not the other way around. Zecharia Sitchin says we received knowledge of the Ecliptic -- the Sun's apparent passage during the year through constellations, Gemini, Canceer, Leo and so on -- from an ancient extraterrestrial astronaut.

Lord Enki came to Earth for an element his languishing planet needed to survive: gold, to make a particle shield to contain its vanishing atmosphere.

The Zodiac signs were named after him and eleven other "gods" who joined him in "the home in the faraway." They pitched tent in the Mesopotamian River basin between the Tigris and Euphrates where civilization began. Enki's people, the Anunnaki, "lowered kingship from heaven," providing codes of conduct, as well as practical know-how for us baby homo sapiens.

Ancient Sumerian culture, and later the Assyrian and Babylonian, is known for detailed studies of the planets and stars, because their orbits and heliacal risings and settings were needed to conduct extraterrestrial travel between Earth and the Anunnaki home planet Nibiru!
Astrology unlocks secrets to your character and life purpose. As old as civilization itself, it can surprise and comfort you. When you give a Birth Chart Report to someone, or the gift of counseling, you are saying how much you care, for astrology is intimate and profound.

We can help you celebrate a new baby, a birthday, graduation, an anniversary or any other special occasion. Birth Chart Reports come as a CD. A short form accompanies the Astro Talisman Medallion or Avantgarde Talisman, a gift from us to you.

The Composite Report describing a relationship and the Birth Chart Report may be purchased separately. To learn more about the signs, houses, planets and aspects see Astrology 101. For what's occuring in the heavns right now go to  Forecast. 
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Astrological Chart Reports
Our original, personalized report comes with the Astro Talisman Medallion. Learn how to use problems to become stronger and enjoy your talents as rewards for earlier life efforts. Knowing who you are, and what you can be, through your astrology chart, helps you build a bigger boat for turbulent times and today's great planetary Ascension