The Birth Chart Report takes the path of least action to abundance, partners, creativity and more.... We  burn a CD that you can print out for an average 14 pages.
  • You will see your life purpose, possible careers and how to attract and keep love in relationships.
  • If you are parents of a new baby, you will learn about the soul that chose you to nurture it.
  • As a couple, you are sure to delight in the 3rd entity born when you bond, and how to keep maturing as individuals, while you form that more perfect union.

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Custom reports accompany all Astro Talisman Medallion and Avantgarde Talisman purchases. 

They also may be ordered separately. Created uniquely for the you, they show how to experience the best in life -- after your soul's intentions--and gain from lessons in "this mighty school of Earth." Named by the Greeks, the planets, like Aphrodite, Zeus and Chronos, to name three, were rechristened by the Romans Venus, Jupiter and Saturn and so on. Still their spirits, and those of the others lived on, exacting, and life-changing. No worries, their influence is just what is needed to become more of ourselves!

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Individual Birth Chart Report        $150

Birth Chart Report &
chromolux matted drawing       $195

Composite Chart Report
2 short form birth charts + composite   $200

Composite Chart Report &  
chromolux matted drawing          $250

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