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Do I need my birth chart to order an Astro Talisman, or Avantgarde Talisman?
No, you don't. And you do not need to know anything about astrology . We cast the individual astrological Birth Chart according to confidential information you provide when you place your order.

What if I don't know my birth time?
Many birth certificates note the time of birth. Also you can consult the family Bible, other holy or records book; the birth hospital; parents of the native or the Bureau of Records in the city of birth. If you still can't obtain the birth time, we can use a highly respected, astrologer's next best way to cast the chart. It consists of aligning the Rising sign with the Sun's position for the day of birth.

What's in the FREE Astrology Chart Report?
  • The chart print wheel
  • A custom interpretation cast for the individual
  • Diagrams of the main planetary aspects
  • A primer defining the astrological signs, houses, planets and basic aspects
  • The Sabian Symbols for the planets in the chart
  • "What are the Sabian Symbols?" explaining them.

Can I purchase an Astrology Chart Report separately? 
Yes, see Astrological Charts.

Why do the "houses" in my Astro Talisman Medallion look equal, while they appear unequal in my Chart Report?
The Astro Medallion is created after the equal house system to simplify manufacturing and give it a pleasant symmetry. For the Report we use the familiar Tropical Placidus system wherein the houses appear "unequal" due to birth specifics of latitude, longitude and time of year, or seasonal specifics.

How will I know which planets the gems in my Astro Jewelry stand for?
Go to the URL above to learn about birthstone planets. A product tag accompanying your jewelry will show correspondences between the gems in it, and the planets in your horoscope. You may request your birthstone for all your planets, or all diamond, which is also the gem for April and Aries.

What is the preferred payment method?
Gemscope uses PayPal that accepts Mastercard, Visa,  American Express and Discover. If you are making more than one purchase, you will fill out the online form for each additional purchase.  

On the product page next to your selected item find the green purchase box with "Step 1" and "Step 2." At the end of Step 1, go to Step 2 where PayPal's BUY NOW button appears. Click to be taken to PayPal where you will see item description, cost and shipping & handling. If you don't have a PAYPAL account, you can create one at this point. 

How do I track my order?
Your can reach us through ContactUs  While most questions are answered promptly by email, you can include your telephone number and ask us to call you back. A Gemscope representative will then telephone you.  

What is the delivery time for my order?
Since pieces are made to order, you want to allow 3 to 4 weeks from the time payment clears. Exceptions are Unset Gems that can be dispatched shortly after payment clears.

What is Gemscope's return policy?
No effort is spared to fashion our custom jewelry into a lasting work of beauty and inspiration. Since pieces are created after individual birth information, or custom-selected elements, like a specific gemstone, they cannot be exchanged or refunded, a policy instituted for us by a prominent Fifth Avenue retailer. Its purchasers signed the purchase order and spec sheet agreeing to this condition. However, please know if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we work with you until you are.

If your question is not answered  here, please contact us.

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