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"Dear Sabrina,

Mom and Dad gave me the Sterling Silver Gemscope Youth Medallion for my 18th birthday. They told me you are the creator of this gorgeous jewelry. I wanted you to know that I adore my present!"
                                                     Annie S., Tarzana, CA
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Astro Talisman Medallions
Custom made after your astrology chart, in gold and silver with finest gemstones

Avantgarde Talismans
Custom jewelry in the
pattern the planets made when you were born

Light-Hearted Fine Jewelry
Original fine jewelry to support the Astro Medallion,
or enjoy alone

Unset Gems
For custom setting or healing

For any special occasion:
a birthday, new baby, an  anniversary, graduation, the Holidays and ... as the ultimate self-treat.

Birth Chart Report

Our original personalized astrology report, cast for your time, date and birth place, comes with the Astro Talisman Medallion and Avant-garde Talisman. 

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