Astrological Chart Reports

A GIFT of our original, personalized astrology report comes with your  Avantgarde Asro Talisman purchase. Use problems to build strength and enjoy talents as rewards for earlier life efforts.  Your chart will give you a bigger boat for turbulent times and hope for the great planetary Ascension now underway.
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Precious and semiprecious gems
in the stunning pattern of your personal horoscope

Avantgarde Astro Talismans are
like no other jewelry.

Diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire and colored stones replicate your horoscope in 14 or 18K gold
Sterling silver and gold
or all Sterling silver...
in all its asymmetrical glory.

For sheer delight ... fine jewelry made uniquely for ourselves.

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Four Levels of Gifts

Practical  $125--375
Thoughtful $375-950
Abundant $950-2500
Lavish $2500 and up
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