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"There are 3 criteria we have for designers. The jewelry should be contemporary rather than antique; there should be some redeeming factor, or thought behind the design and, finally, the execution of the  ... pieces should be excellent. Sabrina had a good idea and she was willing to put out the money  for first rate goldsmith[s]."

Stuart Moore in WWD
Gemscope was an idea of Arthur M. Young who tossed it out at supper as casually as asking to have the peas passed. My godfather, who invented the Bell 47 helicopter and had found a muse in astrology, thought horoscopes in gems and gold would make me a good business. Since he did things that worked, I listened to him. My Fine Arts award, stint ...
... as a professional photographer and healing with an emerald gemstone all helped me kick off the business. The medieval cast of jewelers' tiny work rooms with flickering torches and old wooden tables charmed me; and soon I found independent contractors in New York's diamond district to make a manufacturing team. My engraver fulfilled orders for Pope John Paul .... The jeweler on our Prism and Autumn Embers necklaces had been a commissioned naval officer, was among the last to leave his country, Vietnam, and put four daughters through college.

When a customer asked me to duplicate her astrology print wheel, an expected but daunting request, our signature Astro Talisman Medallion was born.

Other requests led to Light-Hearted Fine Jewelry. The Robb Report wrote us up, as did WD, Bridal Guide and others. See Press.  Small ads in The New Yorker told you about us; and we were found in boutiques like Gramercy Park's ... A Joy Forever, in the former Plaza Hotel, Henri Bendel and Jennifer Kaufmann in L. A.  Several years ago we went online.

Then Arthur's wife invited me to help insure the mission of an international peace academy she had founded, so I left jewelry for Ruth's pioneering training for diplomats and the military in mediation, conflict resolution and negotiation.
I attended meetings in Vienna, Cairo and New York, noting the fiery mix of religion, ethnic rivalry, climate change and runaway capitalism that has come to threaten global peace and security, as well as a universal yearning for ... a better way.

Arthur continued to unveil the dissolving stage where all life dramas, large and small, are occurring as a new age -- that some call Aquarius, others a planetary ascension -- takes hold. Ruth worked to keep the peace, so people would find the Theory of Process and experience happier lives. Arthur offered astrology as "wisdom of the ancients" in telling of the soul and the countless cycles of action through which we, and the cosmos, evolve.

Gemscope helps us know that, while delighting our "basic selves," and restoring jewelry's original function to empower us.
George Kuntz in Lore of Precious Gems describes planetary gems.
... a Joy Forever, Gramercy Park, New York .
Arthur followed the helicopter with "psycopter," the mind with wings, that became a meta-paradigm re-uniting science and spirituality through a powerful interpretation of the quantum of action and review of ageless wisdom teaching. Ruth was a direct descendant of Ralph Waldo Emerson.Note to me (aka Andrea)from Kofi Annan when he was U. N. Secretary General showing interest in Arthur's philosophy for peace trainings.
Ruth Forbes Young and Maj. General Indar Jit Rikhye, United Nations military adviser and IPA founding president.
Attending a United Nations 50th and International Peace Academy 25th anniversary celebration, the Hofberg Palace, Vienna.
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