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Shortly before he died Arthur  M. Young wrote that ancient wisdom had played a big role in his work. He didn't say so earlier, fearing ridicule, but it was astrology's ancient wisdom that helped him solve the problem of control in the Bell 47 helicopter, and later it figured in his Theory of Process.  When the Museum of Modern Art reopened after expansion in 2005, the Bell 47 appeared in subway ads all around New York. Now a model hovers over the main stairwell, while visitors above peer into its magical bubble.

As a philosopher Arthur out did himself. Even though The Reflexive Universe and The Geometry of Meaning were published years ago, they are attracting more and more attention.  The meta-paradigm they describe says purpose drives creation. Yes, intention rocks and rules! Integrating chemistry, biology, quantum physics and ancient wisdom, this model of reality is as uplifting as the helicopter itself.
Arthur was saying, "Science has good news!" His wife had rented a sunny meeting room on the mezzanine of a grand hotel, and arranged for tea on silver trays to be served to sixty people, including my parents and me. The occasion was one of his first public seminars. Suddenly from the back of the room a woman in a raspy New England voice warbled,"When are you going to tell them about God?" Apparently knowing what was coming next, Susanna could not contain herself. Arthur gave in and beamed, "The gift of quantum physics, the quantum of action, restores spirituality to Darwinian Materialism." I'd never heard anything remotely like that before, or felt such elation over an idea. I was eighteen years old and a college sophomore. "The quantum of action is also light, the photon, and the Light," he said.

As time passed people began grasping at Arthur's Theory of Process as if it were a lifeline cast down from the Bell 47. Greed was infecting capitalism making some gorge, others hoard, and many succumb in a "mud-pie mess,"Arthur's phrase, for lack of cool air, transcendent life purposes and the simple acts of caring, sharing and supporting that characterize peaceful, evolutionary flow.

Arthur had found in astrology an all-important 3rd derivative that rounds out the measure formulae of classical physics, whose functions mass [M], length [L] and time [T] underpin science and, in turn, our world belief system. Every civilization has a belief system that rests on its assumptions about the nature of reality, and so dictates policy, social norms and so on. Following the 1st and 2nd derivatives, velocity and acceleration, the 3rd is provided by Capricorn, whose keynote is control. Control completes a cycle of action. It occurs at the point when you stop -- sowing seeds, collecting information, whatever -- and return to your point. Here a projective element, more particular than subjective, enters the picture. In driving it is you who controls the car by accelerating and braking for a purpose: to get somewhere, and Darwinian Materialism omits it. Further, your destination is in the same logical category as your starting point, in the formulae "L," so when you reach it, a circle, or cycle, is rounded.

All cycles of action are set in motion by purpose, whether in this example it's to drive to your mother's house, or, considering planet Earth, to complete a great Solar Year of 26,000 years, an
overriding one, according some some adepts. Consciousness and all else in the cosmos evolve through such cycles. You want to move up and on as one ends, so you don't sink into a contracting, negative spiral to end ... down and out. You are sure to move forward, however, if you take  responsibility for all actions in your life and perform them with love and gratitude.

Arthur put Humpty Dumpty back together so well, reorganizing things the Age of Reason and the scientific method had pulled apart -- laudably, to see how they worked -- and restoring so full a vision of the whole that it becomes clear a massive turning point is at hand. It asks only that we release our self-limiting beliefs, and recall that the ultimate purpose of life is enlightenment.

Arthur and Ruth invited me to visit them often after my parents died. Arthur’s Jupiter and my Uranus were conjunct in the same degree of Gemini. His Arabian Part of Spirit aligned with my natal Sun.  And he noticed that my Sun, Neptune and Mars formed a stellium, a concentration of planets within 5 degrees. “Ah, the creative imagination let loose, unfurled." I don't recall his exact phrase, but I will never forget his delight glancing over his reading glasses at me.

Arthur also told me that my Pluto was in 7 degrees Leo, the "everywhere-at-once"degree, whose Sabian symbol, constellations glow in the darkness of desert skies, means "an unquenchable faith in a spiritual being complementing our own." With Pluto topping my chart in the 9th house of philosophy, my life mission crooked a beckoning finger at me. We may have lost our compass, as Arthur said. Civilization may be derailed, but I would do my best to share his way to help get us back on track.

From then on if I hit a bump in the road, I'd think of my lucky stars (that we all possess in some combination or other), cheer up and keep moving. When the mother of a baby whose horoscope I was decorating said, “We hung it by his crib where he talks to it,”-- a remark that made a friend chime as if it were a dance step, “We're doing the Baby Pearlstein!”-- I realized the sparkles could be traded up for gems, and that we could wear our astrology charts not only to uplift ourselves, but also little corners of the world, for all the insights about ourselves and the "not-self " they contain.
The list of notables includes Leibnitz, Kant, Goethe, Schopenhauer, Mme. Blavatsky, William James, Bergson, Teihard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Arthur is the last entry on the list. He was not a tenured professor nor did he publish in academic journals. However he wrote for hours daily all his life to amass dozens of books, essays and videos that can be seen on
The Secret Life of Plants author Chris Bird commented Arthur Young never had a desk!
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"What is Enlightenment ?"
listed Arthur among thirty notables in the last 300 years to describe man's evolving spirituality!       
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