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Romancing Stones

My romance with fine jewelry began with family heirlooms. To expand his business my great grandfather moved from upstate New York to a big city where he built a palace of Indiana limestone that boasted an elevator, a ballroom and bowling alley. Stabling sixteen Arabian horses on his property (that spanned an entire city block!), he used to ship his favorites to wherever he vacationed. And not forgetting his roots, he gave to his hometown a library that once ranked highest in all the United States for membership and regular use.
Now on his wife and daughters my ancestor lavished jewelry. But the mansion had to be torn down almost as soon as it went up, because a problem arose in his business that was so severe disclosure would have doomed it. To save it he poured back most of his fortune, and stoically watched as his other trophies vanished. Still the jewelry remained, passing down the generations as small, enduring tokens of love and affection. It came to recall those who had lived before and the process that is family: hope, love, birth, success and ... letting go.
While some of my heirlooms were too difficult to reproduce, advances in jewelry-making have let us replicate other pieces. Flower Girl and Baby Heart evoke a young girl's, "Gotta' have it!" The original jewelry for Pearl and Diamond Pendant makes me wonder whose "Sweet Sixteen" it celebrated. This jewelry can be given to people in your own family,  especially those whose feelings you read so well. And, if you choose pieces with gemstones and designs you like, they could return to you one day, because often we re-incarnate into in the same family as our own descendants! Below find  information on PEARL, an enduring favorite.
The seer Gurudas says that pearl was thought by the ancient Lemurians to raise emotional sensitivity.

"The forces that spiritualize  ... the emotions are those that come from the moon. Because of the fluidium state of the host [the oyster], living in water, pearl has a natural resonance with tidal and lunar forces. Therefore it was used to balance emotional states.

There is a special bond between the oyster and humanity. It was long ago decided ...that when mankind fully appreciated the natural [power?] of these beautiful creatures, then we would be permitted ... extreme longevity. The great longevity of oysters is already somewhat understood. Many ... are extremely large and old. When your ocean technologies are perfected, [you] will be amazed at the size of pearls ... discovered in the deeper regions of various oceans."

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