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Gemstones to custom set, heal and develop yourself  $100 to $4500.
Gems have been prized from earliest times for their beauty, rarity and indestructibility. Some like the Hope Diamond carry a tale of intrigue and fate unlike any other physical object. Precious and semiprecious stones display all colors of the spectrum and channel spiritual energy. In them light and the Light seem to meet, and gem wisdom lore describes their astonishing role in human affairs. 

    The Hope Diamond
    45.52 cts.
    Smithsonian Museum
    Photo: Dane Penland 

Spirit guides think that gemstones not only aid health and self-development, but also that they make dramatic entrances and exits out of existence. Tourmaline, a comparatively new stone may have been "seeded" by extraterrestrials who planted its crystal spores in certain caves. Julia Lorusso (Healing Stoned) and Edgar Cayce wrote about crystal healing. Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians tells of spirit-beings inhabiting gems who have messages for health and well-being.

The 20th century seer Alice Bailey working with an ascended Tibetan master (one of several said to guide the planet) mentions a "rod of initiation" that the teacher used to stimulate the disciple at a critical point in his development. The rod became the royal scepter of kings, signifying divine authority.  Bejeweled and dazzling, it once was the instrument that lifted us higher on the path.

In Gurudas' Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, John Ryerson says Jesus asked John the Disciple "to stay behind" to teach about the healing power of gems.  Why not purchase an unset precious or semiprecious gemstone to see for yourself. 

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The Patricia, one of the largest known emeralds weighing 632 carats, was found in the Chivor Mines, the Columbian Andes in 1920. While most uncut emeralds are 6-sided, this one is di-hexagonal or 12 sided. Emerald like aquamarine is a beryl and an aluminum silicate colored by traces of chromium. 

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